Random Stuff I’m Thankful For – 2013 Edition

As I did last year, I made of list of random stuff I’m thankful for beyond the obvious (family, friends, health, warm house, etc.). If you don’t know about these things, go find them and become happier.

  1. Shiner Holiday Cheer, probably available at your local Tom Thumb or favorite purveyor of adult beverages
  2. Yoga pants (for the ladies, not for me)
  3. The elusive no-hitter at work, which entails going an entire shift without a single phone call
  4. Not having a car payment. My vehicles aren’t new or sexy, but they’re paid for.
  5. Pandora internet radio. My current favorite station is Indie Christmas.
  6. Pulp Fiction, partly because it inspires insane awesomeness like this (language warning)
  7. Living five minutes from Lowe’s while we spruce up our house (and having a handy father-in-law who works for Lowe’s at another location)
  8. iMessage, which lets me text for free with most iPhone users and even see if they’re currently typing back
  9. DVRs, which are especially helpful when you have kids
  10. Getting free Southwest points through my credit card so we can get REAL TICKETS on flights instead of listing ourselves and hoping there are open seats
  11. Bath soap that smells good. Bath and Body Works sells several scents for men that are great.
  12. Getting birthday wishes on Facebook. I know it’s kinda cheesy, but it’s still nice to get bombarded with HAPPY BIRTHDAY throughout the day from so many different people from so many different parts of my life.
  13. My sons’ ever-patient teachers who are helping to teach and shape them into amazing young men
  14. Whipping cream for my coffee
  15. Roller coasters
  16. John Hughes’ wonderfully humanizing Thanksgiving classic Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

What random stuff are you thankful for this year?