Current Year

January 20, 2011

Jonathan went for his two-year checkup today, and Dr. Z said he was perfectly healthy and right on track developmentally. He weighed 30.3 lbs (77th percentile) and is 37.3 inches tall (98th percentile) – tall and skinny just like his brother and father. At this age, Brenden was 30.4 lbs (77th percentile) and 37.2 in (98th percentile). It’s amazing how close they are running. I’ll bet they both end up taller than I am. Weird.

His routine is pretty much the same as Brenden’s now, which is nice – up at 7:30am, breakfast and gym or preschool, lunch, nap from 1:30-3:00 or 4:00 depending on the day, playtime, dinner at 6:00, bed around 7:30. He is loving preschool and goes on Tuesdays and Thursdays with Brenden. He doesn’t sleep quite as well as he once did. Sometimes it’s more fun to play in his room, which can sound like an elephant from downstairs, or talk and bang on his door.

He is VERY mobile, curious, and a great climber. We’ve had to latch his closet door and dresser drawers closed because he kept opening them, and we still find him on top of his dresser sometimes. His awkward but enthusiastic running style always amuses us, especially when he and Brenden chase each other around. They generally love to play together, and except when he’s snatching Jonathan’s toys, Brenden is a very good big brother. Jonathan loves going to the park, playing in the yard, riding in the wagon, dunking a basketball, watching Wipeout, and reading books. Favorite books include the Llama Llama books, an ABC book, and Curious George.

He talks a lot more these days. The trend started probably in December when he started using more simple sentences such as “Open gate” or “Mommy out!!!!!” Starting preschool seems to have accelerated the trend, and he knows lots of words now. You really have to pay attention to make out many of his words, but many of them are real. He still babbles quite a bit as well. Sometimes he’ll babble for a while telling you a long story and then include a few discernable words at the end. He has also learned most of the basic numbers and many letters, and he can count and sing a rough version of the ABC song.

He is still a very loving and happy little boy. When one of us walks in the room after being gone for a while, he runs over and gives us a big hug. Now he’s a fan of giving kisses as well – right on the mouth sometimes, so watch out!