Current Year

January 20, 2012

I seem to be slowing down with the updates. When kids get to this age, the developmental milestones don’t come as quickly, so there aren’t as many changes to report. Here are some interesting tidbits about life with Brenden at age 3 1/2:

  • He’s now 42 inches tall. That’s 3.5 feet. According to one online calculator that considers him, Jenny, and me, he’ll top out at 6’3″. Dude.
  • He knows all his letters, numbers, and colors. he can count to 20 with a few hiccups like “eleventeen”. =)
  • His memorization skills are quite impressive. He can “read” entire pages of some books almost verbatim. Sometimes I wonder whether he is semi-reading or just has the phrases memorized. He also can sing a few different songs word-for-word.
  • He got his first real bike for Christmas and is really enjoying it. We often go out in the afternoon so he can ride in front of the house or go around the block.
  • Brenden and Jonathan play really well together most of the time, i.e. when they aren’t stealing toys from each other. They wrestle like brothers. They copy each other’s noises. They pull each other in the wagon. Brenden loves to grab Jonathan by the hand and lead him around the house, often calling him “Little” or “Little Jonathan”.
  • Current favorite shows include Care Bears, The Incredibles, and anything Cars-related. He got his first video game, a Sesame Street game for the Wii, for Christmas and likes it a lot. Favorite books include Henry and the Buccaneer Bunnies and Veggie Tales books. He’s getting into longer books that have more of a plot. He also loves playing iPhone games like Angry Birds.
  • Both boys enjoy wrestling with me. Brenden’s favorite game is called “Knocking Down Buildings”. He runs around like Godzilla on crack yelling – you guessed it – “Knocking down buildings!!” My job is to catch him in my arms or by snagging him with a blanket and then taking him to “jail” at one of the couches. Brenden also enjoys playing hide-and-seek, both with people and with the stuffed Angry Birds he got for Christmas.
  • Occasionally, his lungs still act up. We’ve switched from Pulmacort, which was making him really angry and out of control, to Flovent with an inhaler and spacer. So far it’s keeping his lungs clear while eliminating the rage, so we like it much better.