Haiku Tuesday 26 – Jonaku


Tomorrow, January 18, my younger son Jonathan turns two years old. To celebrate, I wrote haiku about him:

Happy little boy
Has it really been two years?
Love to see that smile

Your face is a mess!
Yogurt in hair, bean juice smeared
I don’t think you care

There’s nothing quite like
The way you run to hug me
When I come back home

Wish him a happy birthday with a personal haiku from you!


6 thoughts on “Haiku Tuesday 26 – Jonaku

  1. Precious little one
    Can’t be bothered to slow down
    Sweet smile and hugs for us all

    Grinning little boy
    He’s God’s Gift to all of us
    We are truly blessed

  2. little JuJuBee
    sweet and round like the candy
    what a baby boy

    Look at the big boy!
    always hungry and eating
    gonna lock the fridge

    Full of lots of words
    but not quite sure what you say
    need a translator

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