Fair Day

Jenny, Brenden, and I went to the State Fair on Tuesday. I hadn’t been to the fair since high school. Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of fairs. Like Canton, they have too many visitors to wade through and too many vendors trying to sell you stuff you don’t need. But Jenny really enjoys the fair, so we spent the afternoon there before our small group gathering. The weather was BEAUTIFUL, not a cloud in the sky, comfortable temp, and a nice breeze. We saw the dog show, tried a few different foods and wines, checked out some cars, and wandered around the exhibits. Brenden enjoyed most of our excursion, getting a little fussy here and there but enjoying the outdoors, especially when Jenny wore him in the sling. In case you’re going, here are my recommendations:


  • fried smores (expensive for the amount you get but fabulous!)
  • fried cookie dough ice cream
  • automotive building (to see the 09 Dodge Viper up close)
  • Killdares (Irish rock band that I didn’t get to hear, but my friend Joanne says they are awesome)


  • fried banana split (they left off the banana and ice cream and replaced them with honey and peanut butter – huh?)
  • keeping your coupons in different places (you’ll forget some of them until you get to the car to drive home – d’oh!)
  • weekends/school Fair Days/weekends with major sporting events at the Cotton Bowl such as this coming weekend (it was even crowded on Tuesday, when demand is so low that they let you in for $3 with a can of Dr Pepper)
  • Scientology booth near the Centennial building (it’s black and yellow, and the outside says something about a free stress test)