Discussion vs Debate

Ever pay attention to what happens in a conversation when a disagreement arises? It generally depends on the people involved. For the Discussers, a disagreement is an opportunity to compare ideas and share knowledge. One person tells his/her view, and the other follows. If one happens to accept the other’s position, fine. If neither wants to cave, they continue discussing or simply agree to disagree and move on.

For the Debaters, a disagreement is a challenge to debate and defeat the other person rather than to share information. Not until the opponent changes his/her mind does the battle end. The Debater cannot stand the thought of someone else disagreeing with him and will fight through any number of means, including bullying, sarcasm, mocking, and persistence.

I think the majority of people I know are Discussers, but I definitely know a few Debaters. For me, Discussers are much more pleasant to talk to.