The Olympics are Coming!

After living for a couple of years without cable TV, and missing quite a few shows and sporting events we wanted to see during that time, one event finally convinced us to sign back up for AT&T U-verse TV with DVR service:

The London Olympics.

I’ve always enjoyed the Olympic Games. For me, it’s not so much about American patriotism or the different countries involved. It’s the fascinating, amazing opportunity to watch the best athletes in the world face off in dozens of different sports during the same two-week span. Many of these sports get little coverage or attention outside the Olympics, but for two weeks this summer, millions around the world will suddenly get reacquainted with gymnastics, swimming, track and field, rowing, archery, weightlifting, and fencing.

In 2008, I stressed out following Michael Phelps’ quest for eight golds, marveled at Usain Bolt’s unbelievable speed, and admired the US women’s beach volleyball team. (it’s ok – Jenny is allowed to admire the male swimmers, so we’re even!) This year, my focus will be a bit different since I’m (sort of) an athlete again and actually participate in some of the events. Of particular interest are the distance running events (5K, 10K, and marathon), track, and cycling road race. I can’t look at a boxer or fencer and fully appreciate how good they are. But when I see a Kenyan marathoner post a 2:04 or Bolt break 9.7 seconds in the 100m, I know those athletes are ridiculously fast in a way my body couldn’t possibly be. And I love that. has already posted the schedule of events for your planning purposes. The Olympics start July 27 and end August 12. I’ve already targeted my top events. Unfortunately, I’m working throughout the track and field week, but my new DVR should let me record some of the events I can’t watch live.

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