My Next Adventure


This October, I plan to turn 34 years old. What better way to celebrate than by running through the gorgeous woods of East Texas? I’ve signed up for Whispering Pines Trail Run, a 25k (15.5 mile) run through beautiful Tyler State Park on October 13. This race is awesome because:

  • It’s a long trail run in East Texas in October!
  • It’s cup-free, meaning each runner needs to bring a water bottle or pouch so we don’t trash the park with thousands of ugly water cups.
  • It’s cheap for a race like this.
  • The organizers are really enthusiastic and eco-friendly.
  • The official shirt is bamboo and organic cotton.

Jenny and I will spend the weekend in the Tyler area and might visit some wineries or try something cultural after the race. Whatever we do, it will not involve much walking.

The only true trail races I’ve done were 5k, and this one will be even farther than my half marathon. It will definitely test my limits. But I think I can make it if I slow down and walk more, especially with six months to train. This race will be more about the experience than about going fast.