Random Thoughts 3/9/12

My brain runs all over the place these days but doesn’t necessarily chew on any one topic for a long time. Here’s a sample:

  • I went flying this week to maintain currency for work and went to Atlanta and back. As expected, the airport was extremely busy and dominated by Delta aircraft. The Delta flight information board takes up an entire wall with 10-12 screens. Amazing.
  • I like Ben and Jerry’s weird concoctions, especially Phish Food, much more than their plain vanilla. For normal flavors, give me Blue Bell above all else. No one does it better.
  • I wonder why abortion opponents focus so much on trying to make abortion illegal again, which is extremely difficult if not impossible to achieve, instead of trying to prevent unwanted pregnancy, which is much easier to achieve.
  • A guy asked me this week about my job and was interested in applying. He asked three or four different questions about how much we earn and one question about what he needed to do for eligibility. Yes, pay is important to nearly every worker, but if that’s all you care about, I don’t think I want you as a coworker.
  • I feel badly for Peyton Manning, but I think the Colts’ management made the right decision in releasing him.
  • I want an iPad 3. With 4G LTE capability. Yes, I am concerned about the treatment of the workers who produce them and feel a bit selfish for wanting to spend that much money on what’s undeniably a toy, but those things are seriously awesome.
  • No matter how smart or tough you think you are, or how many degrees you have, or how successful you are in your chosen field, raising children will humble you.
  • My department’s VP left abruptly to become a senior VP at JetBlue. Southwest execs don’t often leave for other airlines, so this feels odd.
  • Sallie Mae somehow found out that Jenny was back in school and deferred her student loan payments. We hope to pay off her loans in a lump sum within the next year or two anyway, but in the meantime it’s nice to have a little extra cash in the bank.
  • Natalie Merchant is performing with the Fort Worth Symphony in April 2013. If I remember it by then, we might go see her. Interesting idea for a concert.