It’s Here

Yesterday I did my part to stimulate the DFW economy.

After a ton of research and nearly three weeks of waiting for it to arrive after I ordered it, I finally picked up my bike on Saturday. I took it out for a few miles last night, and it rode great – very smooth, fast, and just…fun. It weighs around 24 lbs, 7-8 lbs less than my old bike. With the same effort, I can go 25-35 percent faster. Riding in the park, I have to slow down for curves, dogs, and pedestrians who feel the need to walk slowly next to three of their friends and completely block the trail. Speed is addictive, so those kinds of problems are more irritating now that I’m riding a rocket. So this morning I plan to try a longer ride on the road, taking advantage of the minimal traffic.

The bike shop manager suggested riding out to the Grapevine Krispy Kreme and back. I’m actually going to plot that route and see how far it is. Don’t judge – it takes energy to exercise.