What I’ve Been Up To

Sorry it’s been so quiet here lately! Here are some highlights from the week (other than seeing Les Miserables, which I covered in its own post):

  • At work, we needed to vacate our office for cleaning during the overnight shift. Instead, we midnight guys worked at our remote operations center (ROC), something we had never done before. The facilities team worked really hard to make sure we had all the computers, software, phone capabilities, and other tools needed to run the airline from the ROC. Overall, I think it went very smoothly. In case you’re wondering, the ROC exists as a backup in case our main facility is unavailable due to a natural or manmade disaster or some other significant problem.
  • I’ve worked back up to 7 miles for my long run. I hope to try 8 on Monday before the weather freaks out. If I can build up to 10 without any significant problems, I’ll probably sign up for the Dallas Rock and Roll Half Marathon in March.
  • During my nights off, I’ve been enjoying a new PS3 game called Demon’s Souls. It’s a horror adventure game with a few twists. First, it’s extremely difficult, even for someone who has played video games for decades like me. If you jump in and simply start mashing buttons, you won’t last a minute. It forces you to think, experiment, study your opponents, and strike at the right time. To advance, you must actually become a better player. Second, it allows players to interact indirectly by leaving hints for each other, watching how other players approach an area, and watching how and why they got killed. It’s a fascinating game even though it makes me want to scream sometimes.
  • Some of you already know about the other big thing going on this week. I hope to be able to discuss it on here very soon if things work out.