10 Random Facts for November 2010

  1. Whey protein powder makes my esophagus spasm, but I really like my soy protein powder. I mix up a tasty soy protein shake after every long run to help my leg muscles recover.
  2. I get annoyed when servicepeople come over to do a job and spend half their time talking. You’re certainly welcome to your opinions, but your boss is paying you to fix stuff, not try to convince me that global warming is fake or that the government is evil. (I’m looking at you, AC guy!)
  3. We change insurance companies every couple of years, it seems. I learned last night that we can save about $300/year by switching back to Progressive. I’m sure Flo will be happy. I would rather NOT have a local agent (ex. Allstate, State Farm, etc.) with whom I must interact.
  4. Even though I’m not a fan of unions in general, with the Southwest-AirTran merger looming, it’s nice to know that some people will fight for my interests with regard to seniority. (It’s painful to admit that, though.)
  5. I greatly admire people who fight for a cause they believe in. Some of my friends fight for animal rights or try to help homeless pets. Some write letters to elected officials. Some volunteer with local or foreign organizations. It’s awesome. I talk about causes a lot and give money to various groups, but I don’t give much of my time other than occasionally giving blood. That bothers me.
  6. Whenever I enter the breakroom at work, I secretly hope that someone has set out some free desserts. We don’t have much sugar in the house anymore, which is good, but I miss it. When people bring stuff in, I tend to go a bit nuts.
  7. Sometimes I toy with the idea of making extra cash by setting up WordPress websites for local businesses. Part of my motivation, other than money, is my frustration with some of the hard-to-use, unattractive small-business websites I find. (You probably know what I’m talking about.) WP is a great platform that can be used for a blog or just a static website. For various reasons, I haven’t pursued it yet, but I might. I haven’t figured out how to pitch myself, though. “Hi, your website sucks. Will you pay me lots of money to fix it?” doesn’t seem quite right.
  8. I’m decent at writing stories but horrible at telling them out loud. That’s why I don’t do it unless coerced. It just doesn’t come naturally to me because I need time to figure out the best way to tell it.
  9. On a cold winter’s night, I love to step outside and breathe the air, which smells so clean at that temperature. It reminds me of walking through ski villages at night on family vacations, a nearby fireplace garnishing the air with a hint of smoke.
  10. I started thinking Jenny might be “the one” at the end of our first date. I’d never clicked with anyone so quickly as I did with her. Turns out I was right.