Solar Power for $35/Month?

Thanks to my awesome mother-in-law who sent the article, I just learned of a fantastic program that could allow you to lease a 4KW solar power system for your home for only $35/month. If you know anything about solar power, you already know what a great deal that is.

I’ve looked into adding solar panels to our house, but the up-front cost would be tens of thousands of dollars with a payback period of 15-20 years, which is unacceptable. But TXU is partnering with SolarCity to let Texas residents lease the equipment for a 15-year period instead, even if you’re not a TXU customer. They estimate the savings at $50/month, but if your system can generate more power than you’re using at the time and you’re a TXU customer, you can pump power into the grid and actually run your power meter backward. Needless to say, I just signed up to be considered.

Intrigued? Visit the TXU Solar Leasing website. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram posted a good article on the program that explains it it more detail.