This and That

I can’t decide on one topic to blog about, so here is a cornucopia of random thoughts.

  • I’m not sure what I think about the new GM plan. It looks like all the shareholders and creditors will get screwed, the government will use my money to become the majority owner of GM, and yet another fatally flawed business will be allowed to live simply because it was “too big to fail”. These things bother me. However, although I’m not an economist, I can believe the argument that a total GM failure would be a disaster for millions and millions of people.
  • I’m really excited about doing green projects for our house. If our budget were unlimited, I would add solar panels, low-flow toilets, solar water heating, new windows, solar screens, a rainwater collection system, and a hot water recirculating pump. Unfortunately, the reality of our budget finally sunk in, and we’ll have to space these projects out.
  • I just saw a piece on ESPN about a pitcher from San Diego State who can break 100mph with his fastball. That makes me happy.
  • Princess Cruises is offering West Coast repositioning cruises in September as they transition between summer and winter schedules. One goes from Vancouver to San Francisco over 2 nights. Another is a 1-nighter from Seattle to Vancouver. It’s almost like a hotel stay rather than a cruise.
  • Il Divo is singing at Nokia Theater in June. Look up Il Divo on YouTube. They are AWESOME.