American Idol Poll

Despite my resistance to TV watching and even stronger reluctance to get hooked on a particular show, I did get sucked into American Idol toward the end of the season. (Thanks, Mom!) I watched religiously for a while during the earlier seasons but largely pulled away later. Most of the singers are pretty good but not AMAZING, and without AMAZING it just doesn’t interest me that much. This season one of the remaining singers AMAZES me enough not only to watch but even to buy one of his songs via iTunes. Since tonight is the final night of competitive singing and the big vote, here’s a new AI poll. Who gets your vote: Kris or Adam?

The VCR poll came in almost dead even – 7 YES vs 6 NO. We are in the NO category. Our movie collection is mostly DVDs with one or two Blu-Ray movies. It was a bit sad and weird to toss our VHS tapes a while back, but that’s how technology goes.