Haiku Tuesday 25 – New Year’s Eve

2011 is almost done. Saturday night is New Year’s Eve, and Jenny and I plan to party in Dallas with the Stars and maybe check out the NYE bash at Victory Park. Let’s bust out some NYE haiku, shall we?

‘Twas ten years ago
Jenny gave me Stars tickets
And look at us now!

(The second time Jenny and I ever hung out solo, it was at a Stars game on New Year’s Eve 2001)

Put this year to bed
Tsunami, Congress, war and loss
Time for a clean slate

Where’s the champagne room?
Got a hot date, off the clock
Time for fireworks

The older we get
The less partying we do
Who’s this Seacrest guy?

Your turn.

Haiku Tuesday 24 – Eggnog

Christmas is approaching, which means one of my favorite holiday treats is back: eggnog. Back in college, I tried making my own with a recipe I found in Bartending for Dummies. It was absolutely terrible.

In a sign of the times, I found organic eggnog at Target for the first time this year. Naturally, I bought some. It’s excellent.

It seems that eggnog is similar to the Dallas Cowboys – people either love it or hate it. Which camp are you in?

OK, enough stalling. It’s haiku time.

Sugar, cream, and joy!
Don’t know how it fits with Christ
But I won’t complain

Eggnog in my glass
Christmastime is almost here
I will drink to that

Your turn.

Haiku Tuesday – Baseball

In honor of the two-time American League Champion Texas Rangers (sounds good, eh?), I’m declaring today a special Haiku Tuesday. Write your best Rangers haiku and post it here. If you’re Cardinals fan, you’ll have to post your haiku somewhere else, perhaps on a piece of toilet paper.

Four games from the end
Last year’s run will tilt the scale
Ginger ale for all!

Can our city stand
World titles from the Mavs and
Rangers in one year?

Series-bound again
We all can’t wait to see the
Rangers win it all

Want to see the game
But four hundred bucks per seat?
Watch at home for free

Your turn.

New Nephew Haiku

My sister gave birth to a boy yesterday, my new nephew! Mom and baby are doing great. I’m sure he digs poetry, so I wrote him a birthday haiku:

Reid Phillip Wagner
Happy birthday, little dude
Think you’ll like it here

Congrats to Lisa and Phillip!

Haiku Tuesday 20 – Spring

Yeah, I know it’s not technically spring yet, but it feels like it. Let’s celebrate!

Great time of year, but
Please can we eliminate
Daylight savings time?

Your turn!