Aviation Essays

These essays relate mostly to the business side of aviation since I wrote them for my MBA at Embry-Riddle. If you’re not a student, you might like the Voyager report best.

Airline Fuel Conservation Techniques

With fuel costs near record highs, the airlines are finding creative ways to use less fuel both on the ground and in the air.

Fuel Hedging

The airlines that can afford it use fuel hedging contracts to save money on fuel and reduce the volatility of fuel prices. This paper discusses fuel hedging from an accounting perspective and includes examples from several airlines.


In 1986, Dick Rutan and Jenna Yeager became the first people to fly a plane around the world nonstop without refueling. This paper discusses their flight and the remarkable plane that made it possible.

Frequent Flyer Programs: Are They Still Worth It?

Many airlines depend on their frequent flyer programs to retain passengers in an increasingly commoditized industry. This paper explores how these programs work and whether they are successful.

Optimization Software in the Airline Industry

Many airlines use advanced optimization software to do everything from reducing fuel costs to scheduling crews.

DFW Airport (1.4 MB)

The paper discusses the finances, history, and facilities of DFW Airport.

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