Jenny’s work shower was on Friday, lots of fun and a great time with friends and family. Afterward Jenny’s sister and mom helped us organize our gifts, and on Saturday Katy cleaned our apartment! How cool is that?!?

6-13-08 Good news! They fixed the 4D sono machine and let us give it another try. This time Brenden cooperated and gave us some good shots of his face (see below). Jenny thinks he has my nose. I like his cute puffy cheeks. The tech said he’s around 4 1/2 pounds now, which sounds huge to me but is apparently right on track. He took several measurements, all of which were normal. Jenny goes back for another checkup June 26.

Here’s a good pic of his face:


Here’s his left hand in front of his face. You can see his left thumb sticking out:


Also, Brenden now has his own email address! It’s just like ours – his first name I’m helping him type until he gets the hang of it.

6-9-08 The doctor’s office called Thursday morning to say their 4D sono machine was broken. Even worse, it wouldn’t be fixed until after the viable window for this type of sono. After about 32 weeks, apparently, babies are often so squished in there that it’s hard to get a good view of their face. They are head-down facing the mom’s spine, which is ideal for delivery but bad for sonos. Oh well, at least we got a good foot picture!

We had our second shower on Saturday. It was HUGE, with most of my relatives and several family friends coming in, many from Wichita Falls. We have such loving and generous people. Now our challenge is to get our baby stuff organized. We set up the pack & play Sunday night and set it up in our room, where he’ll sleep for the first few weeks. I’ve already stumbled into it in the dark, so we might need to adjust its position. Brenden is about 16 inches long and weighs about 4 pounds. That boggles my mind. It’s hard to believe we’ll be able to see him face-to-face in 2 months or less!

Oh yes, the push present ring I wanted to get Jenny is no longer available. So I’m looking at other options. Think she’d like a MacBook? =)

6-2-08 Here’s a cute picture of Brenden’s feet. We’ll try the 4D sono again on Thursday.

Foot Picture

5-26-08 Today was our first baby shower, hosted by Jenny’s sister Katy, our sister-in-law Kelly, and our friend Renee. We had a great time hanging out with Jenny’s side of the family and friends from church and enjoying lots of good food. Our people are so generous, giving us lots of useful and fun gifts to help us get started. We’re thankful to have so much support from our people.

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