After Brenden was born, I created this page to tell the story of his pregnancy. We delivered at Baylor Irving, a great hospital where my sister Lisa works as a labor & delivery nurse. Our OB/GYN was Dr. Jeff Livingston from MacArthur OB/GYN in Irving, whose office is across the street from my high school.

The family had a pool going on Brenden’s delivery date. I finally compiled most of the guesses into a calendar format. Since he was born on July 30, I won, which makes this thing look totally rigged. Oh well. =) The winning guess on Brenden’s weight poll was 7lb to 7lb15oz, which was just under his actual birth weight of 8lb0oz.

Here’s the pregnancy blog:

7-24-08 Wednesday brought our weekly doctor’s appointment. The doctor says we’re still at a 2 but her body is ready to go otherwise. The contractions are getting stronger and more frequent, 10-15 minutes apart for much of the day, but we still aren’t sure whether they represent true labor or false labor. Dr. L leaves for Vegas on Wednesday, so we really hope Brenden will arrive by then! Jenny is walking a LOT trying to speed things along. She went to Target while I slept Wed morning, and after the appointment we walked the mall for a while. I’m scheduled to work through Saturday morning, but I found a guy who can probably work the Friday night shift for me and a girl who might be able to work Thursday night. It won’t be long now!

7-18-08 Thursday was a busy day for Jenny and Brenden! First, Jenny met with the woman who we think we want as our pediatrician, Dr. Michelle Fowers. Her practice has a nice website, and Jenny was really impressed with her. They keep their patient load small to spend more time with each patient and believe strongly in education, so they like to give their patients lots of handouts. The office has a separate entrance for sick kids to help keep the healthy ones from getting sick. Dr. Fowers is also willing to work with us on a vaccination schedule that spreads the vaccinations out a bit, which is important to us. Their office is just a few miles away. Even better, one of her partners can come to check out Brenden in the hospital just after birth.

Next, we met with Officer Spivey from the Irving PD for a free lesson in proper installation and use of a car seat. What a great service! I now have both seat bases installed in our cars, and his bucket is in my car. It’s really, really strange to look behind me while driving and see a car seat.

Finally, we went to our weekly doctor’s appointment. Jenny is now a “solid 2″, up a bit from last week. Brenden’s head has not engaged yet, so we should have at least a few more days. Jenny is having Braxton-Hicks contractions VERY frequently now and has had one or two real contractions, which feel a bit different.

My family has a pool going on Brenden’s birthday. Lisa has already lost. Jenny’s date is July 18, so it looks like she’s probably out as well. My date is July 31 officially, but I’m starting to think it might be next weekend. I’m waiting for Lisa to send me the dates so I can put them up here somehow.

7-11-08 We went to the doctor on Thursday for the first of our weekly appointments. Everything is still going well overall. Brenden’s heartbeat is strong and fast, and Jenny is normal for a woman who’s 9 months pregnant, just general aches, discomfort, and swollen feet. Granted, all of that doesn’t sound too fun, but she knows it could be much worse, and we’re thankful for a smooth pregnancy. The doctor said she’s already dilated to almost 2cm, which is a bit ahead of schedule but doesn’t necessarily mean anything. It’s hard to believe he’s scheduled to arrive in less than a month! Lisa’s shower is this Saturday, which means it won’t be too much longer until Reagan arrives as well.

6-29-08 Wow, less than 40 days until Due Date (D-Day?)! It’s hard to believe he’s almost here! Jenny had a good checkup on Thursday. Size-wise he measures in the 55th percentile for his age, which sounds great to us. The doc said our pregnancy was “boringly normal”, and that’s a good thing. Apparently he’ll be in Vegas for a few days at the end of July/early August, which means there’s a chance he won’t be able to deliver him. It wouldn’t be a huge deal, but we would rather deliver with him. But I hear the nurse is more important than the doctor anyway since you spend so much more time with her during labor.

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