Year 3

Pottytraining is going much better. On most days he uses the potty a few times, sometimes even at school. He’s not ready to switch over yet, but we’re making progress. After rewarding him with Hershey Kisses for a while, we switched to M&Ms after he started using the potty multiple times a day. M&Ms worked for me back in the day, so I guess it’s only fitting.

His schedule is pretty much the same. Sometimes his naps don’t go that well, so we put some books within his reach in his room. That way he has something fairly calm to do if he refuses to nap. He’s still a picky eater despite our efforts, but he’s not as bad as I was. He eats a food fine one day and refuses it the next. It’s just a phase. We’re mostly doing a single breathing treatment in the morning and skipping the afternoon one. So far, he seems to be doing fine with it. He did start coughing a lot when we visited Jenny’s sister, who has two cats, so we’ll need to be more aware of catty houses in the future.

April 15, 2011 I’ll do a better update soon (I hope!). He is currently 39 inches tall, which is in the 97th percentile.

November 12, 2010 The biggest change since the last update is preschool. Brenden attends Colleyville Christian Preschool on Tuesdays and Thursdays from about 9:00-2:30. He loves it! His teacher is great, and he gets along well with the kids. Despite our fears, he even takes a nap with the rest of the group. (Peer pressure isn’t always a bad thing!) He knows all his letters and numbers, many colors, some basic shapes, and can count at least to ten. Sometimes he likes to look through books on his own, including his bedtime story after we finish reading it to him.

Jonathan (“Brudder” or “Jon-an-an”) is an object of great interest and concern for his big brother. They like to wrestle, and Brenden happily lets Jonathan crawl over him. Brenden also enjoys sharing his toys (sometimes), food, and drinks with him. When Jonathan cries, Brenden gets worried and suggests that we give him a bottle. Most of the initial jealousy seems to be gone for now. We love watching them play together.

Daily life hasn’t changed much except for the preschool. Now that it’s cooler, we let him play in the backyard or park more often. Sometimes the whole family comes to the park to play while I run. Brenden loves it when we chase him around (“You to chase me!”) but is also happy to play on a playground jungle gym or simply to explore, picking up sticks and finding bugs. He still talks a LOT and is very inquisitive and observant. We hear lots of “What those people doing?” and “Where that guy going?” when we drive around. Three-syllable words have appeared, such as “comfortable,” “delicious,” “dangerous,” and “beautiful.”

Pottytraining has completely collapsed. He’s just not willing to use the potty anymore. Maybe in a few more weeks, he’ll regain his interest.

We took him to an allergist due to his recurring breathing problems. An allergy test revealed that he’s allergic to cats, dogs, eggs, and (slightly) milk. The allergist prescribed twice-daily breathing treatments to help his lungs stay open. So far they seem to be working very well, and Brenden does a fantastic job holding the nebulizer mask in place while he watches one of his favorite shows.

Aug 9, 2010 Brenden is two already! He is really adjusting well to life as a big brother. He shares his toys and food, wants to visit him in the morning, and gets concerned if we leave Jonathan with grandparents but take Brenden with us. His vocabulary is amazing. He can speak complete sentences, knows his colors and most of his letters, quotes from books he reads often, and gives himself permission to do things (“Brenden play outside? Sure! Get shoes on!”). Four or five days each week, Jenny takes him and Jonathan to the “gym-house”, which he loves. Since he’s two now, they’ve started letting him play in the indoor tubes with the big kids. Favorite TV shows include Veggie Tales, Thomas the Train, Sesame Street, Sid the Science Kid, and Super Why. Books are another favorite. He gets at least one book before naptime and bed plus others throughout the day. The family helped us get him a nice swingset for the backyard, and we’re hoping to get some other play equipment so he and Jonathan can have plenty to do in the backyard once it cools off a bit.

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