Like Father, Like Son


If you’ve seen baby pictures of my sons, you probably noticed some resemblance to their dad. Once I thought about it now that they are ages 3 ½ and 2, my boys are similar to me in several other ways as well. Here are ten big ones:

  1. We love to play outside – bikes, parks, sports, walks, whatever!
  2. We’re tall and skinny, built for sports like running, tennis, or swimming. I don’t see a career in football, baseball, or weightlifting ahead for any of us.
  3. We are opinionated and can be quite stubborn at times, which makes for some interesting battles of wills among us.
  4. We love sweets far more than we should. We don’t get nearly as many sweets as we would like, which is a good thing!
  5. We love to sing. We might not always be in tune, but we have fun. Even Jonathan is starting to get the hang of it. Sometimes if you listen closely, you realize he’s singing “Jesus Loves Me” or “Happy Birthday”. Brenden knows many songs and like to change the lyrics to songs he knows.
  6. We love electronic gadgets, especially smartphones and computers.
  7. We like to run around naked. Most kids like to run around naked, as any parent knows. I just rediscovered the joy of it as an adult. And I can’t get away with streaking through the living room during Christmas dinner at Grammy’s house like they can.
  8. We get grumpy when we’re hungry or tired.
  9. The only TV show we watch live is Wipeout.
  10. We love talking about and watching airplanes, another reason I’m glad we live where we do and I work where I do.

Can you think of any more?


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